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(Jan 31, 2012)
HAHA Naj, love the end credits on our recent kill vid!
(Jan 31, 2012)
Heroic Ultraxion Video now posted!
(Jan 23, 2012)
:P havent seen some of you since mercs good old days!
(Jan 23, 2012)
and oh hai sylum!! yus yus we missed.....
(Jan 23, 2012)
Heroic Yor'sahj video is up! Audio track was disabled however... blah
(Jan 23, 2012)
hey everybody, did you miss me?
(Jan 21, 2012)
yus, we mimicked whtat the video showed :D
(Jan 20, 2012)
lol I noticed that you guys got it in the main run, did the vid help at all?
(Jan 19, 2012)
What a great vid!
(Jan 18, 2012)
a youtube vid for the Holding hands achieve on Hagara
(Jan 16, 2012)
whoa, she's changed the look of the site again. lol
(Jan 11, 2012)
Wether? Wow, that gives a whole new outlook to when ppl talk about whether the weather is good for wethers.
(Jan 11, 2012)
Sheep Terms: Ram-male of breeding age, Wether-castrated male, Ram lamb-immature male, Ewe lamb-immature female. The more you know... Lamb newborn
(Jan 08, 2012)
Heroic Ultraxion Video guide is now in Videos--> boss guides
(Jan 04, 2012)
Watching now :)
(Jan 04, 2012)
V found in the Videos --> Cataclysm Raiding section btw :)
(Jan 04, 2012)
I uploaded my PoV for Madness, Jeanette. I wasn't doing my best rotation that night, tbh, but at least you can get the general idea of what I'm doing and see if there's any way we can further optimise it. :)
(Dec 31, 2011)
sheep know how to do sustainability. humans on the other hand..... <_<
(Dec 30, 2011)
Did you know - "Sheep have no top front teeth but the roof of their mouth is hard. This permits sheep to eat vegetation close to the ground and prevents them from pulling up plant roots." ?