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Annikka / Oct 19, 2012
Woot! First boss in Mogu'shan Vaults is down. Nice job to everyone (except the GM, who decided to show up an hour late for raid WTF)! Read up on the strats when you get a chance. The other bosses will hopefully follow soon!

And now: A quick clip of Jordan impersonating the Stone Guard:

Annikka / Oct 04, 2012
Our guild is still considering transferring to a higher population server. Stay tuned to the forums for more details and ideas...

Videos and strats for the Mogu'shan Vaults (the first raid instance) can now be found in the forums and/or video section of this website.

Before I depart, allow me to leave you a screenshot of our guildies, on the evening we were all waiting for MoP to go live:

Annikka / Mar 17, 2012

After nearly 200 attempts, we finally got Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn!! Nice job to everyone for the patience and hard work!

Below, we have a screenshot of Jeff-the-kitty leading the way as we fine-tune our heroic Warmaster Blackhorn strategy:

BONUS! We also have a screenshot of some freeloading Allies (and my pet raptor):