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Normal HoF and 1st boss in TES cleared!

Annikka / Jan 21, 2013
This week we had some nice highlights with our first kill of Grand Empress Shek'zeer, and Protectors of the Endless were down shortly after.

Nice job to all! I think it was a good idea to skip MoP so we could focuse on our forward momentum. Hopefully Tsulong is soon to follow!

Sadly, I didn't manage to Fraps our first kills of these boses (FAIL GM!). If any of you managed to, please upload it to youtube and linky!!

To appease the masses for my fails, I give you the following screenshots:

Grand Empress Shek'zeer having transportation issues:

Spencer finally settles on a transmog set:

Greg grows bored of waiting for drops, and makes his OWN tank set:


ROFLMAO, I laughed so hard at the "tank set"
lolol, tbh, i have no idea how i stumbled across that image in the search for greg's tank set. mostly i saw it and thought 'oh yus, greg owns that for sure.'
OMg Hahahahahaha

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