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Annikka / Jan 21, 2013
This week we had some nice highlights with our first kill of Grand Empress Shek'zeer, and Protectors of the Endless were down shortly after.

Nice job to all! I think it was a good idea to skip MoP so we could focuse on our forward momentum. Hopefully Tsulong is soon to follow!

Sadly, I didn't manage to Fraps our first kills of these boses (FAIL GM!). If any of you managed to, please upload it to youtube and linky!!

To appease the masses for my fails, I give you the following screenshots:

Grand Empress Shek'zeer having transportation issues:

Spencer finally settles on a transmog set:

Greg grows bored of waiting for drops, and makes his OWN tank set:
Annikka / Nov 26, 2012
Elegon, Will of the Emperor, and Imperial Vizier Zor'lok all died on this last raid lockout. Fantastic job guys! Videos of the kills are coming as soon as your lazy GM pulls her fat butt away from school work.

In the meantime, allow me to appease you with some memorable moments of the evening:

After Elegon embarrassingly realises he's lost one of his stars, he gets desperate for replacements. He's soon met with this response:


Luneden throws off the EMPEROR'S GROOVE!!!

Our guild refines our strategy for killing Gran Vizier Zor'lak: