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Guild Bank Cleanout

Hi Guys!I'm doing a cleanout of the guild bank to make room for us to have levelling/MoP-related items (since the expansion hits in just over a month).I currently have them stored in my personal bank in case I've removed anything people would rath...
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Annikka7292Small Annikka 5y
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is this game anything now?? what does people think?
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JumbØtron393Small Salvian 5y
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Raid Saturday

My trip to the Nam has been delayed by one week. I am available to raid Saturday Sept. 1st if folks are game.Pas the word.
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nysta3113Member avatar small Luneden 5y
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First Glance at MoP

I know, I know, it totally sounds like April Fools, but it's REAL! of Pandaria is the next WoW ExpansionThis is official, Mists of Pandaria is the new expansi...
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