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Questions to the Guild

Should we stay or should we go?

Hi Guys!I think Jeff brought up an interesting idea this evening while we raided. Should we stick around on this server, or look at transferring to a server with a bit more activity going on? Personally, I am happy either way. Most of my online ...
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Questions to the Guild

Guild Tabard Colour?

Hi guys!I chose the colour of the guild tabard so that it would match the majority of peoples' raid gear. A few days ago, someone asked me to change the colour of the guild tabard to something more reddish. I did so last night, and now another g...
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Questions to the Guild

Living Embers

Hey Guys!So, I know we've been collecting Living Embers in the Gbank for raiding alts to buy on the cheap / whatever. I'm now getting requests from other guild members about possibly using the living embers for their gear once they've collected t...
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Questions to the Guild

Guild Name Change?

Hey Guys!I know when we started really getting this guild going, a few people weren't too sold on the guilds' name. So, what do you think these days? Shall we change the guild name? and if so, any suggestions?Comment below, and I'll also open up...
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Questions to the Guild


Ok ill bite.... What is the deal with the sheep? I hear about them all the time, even laugh sometimes when i don't know what its about. Please help me understand.
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