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#7151229 Dec 24, 2012 at 05:51 PM
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I finally reached level 90 on my priest last night. I think this has been the least fun leveling experience on my priest so far.

When I first levelled her in burning crusade I think it was a novelty to stack all the weird legging enchants and twink out with a bazillion overpowered glitchy spellpowers and stuff. We could still cross spec into spirit tap too, so mana wasn't an issue.

In Wrath I played with friends for the better part of a week, just running wrath instances like crazy, then right into naxx and sartharion. Those were good times because I had people there to talk to.

I don't even remember cataclysm that clearly, but I was in mercs at the time, and we had just come off the ICC25 bandwagon, rolling right into the crazy hard 5 mans that made everyone QQ. I think it was compelling because I had to worry about mana again, and the dungeons were an interesting challenge. Questing wasn't too bad either. Lots of swimming around in water lands, avoiding whalesharks.

Pandaclysm... oh pandaclysm. The mobs have so much health, and I got tired of mashing my smite key. I have never touched shadow and I wasn't about to start. and I have not had the best luck finding gear. Hopefully I can get into running heroics a bit and get enough stuff so that my smites hit a bit harder.

One gripe at this point.. a minor thing. my only viable AoE damage move is that shadow lazor beam, and I feel weird using it as holy. Why oh why the FFFFFFF blizzard did you not just make it so that holy nova in chastize does pure holy damage, on par with mind sear. I am peeved, and Mr. Grubbs is getting tired of hearing me gripe about it. Why must they neglect my lovely holy nova, with its bits of sparkly goodness?

#7151533 Dec 24, 2012 at 08:23 PM
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Mmmmm holy nova. So shiny. I do wish it were more useful.
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