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#6575753 Aug 18, 2012 at 06:00 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
Barely Ewesful
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Hi Guys!

I'm doing a cleanout of the guild bank to make room for us to have levelling/MoP-related items (since the expansion hits in just over a month).

I currently have them stored in my personal bank in case I've removed anything people would rather hold on to. Please see my list below for things I've removed. If I haven't heard from anyone about the following items in the next week or so, then I'll be putting them up in the AH / vendoring them (some are pretty worthless) and putting the money into the gbank.

Here's the list:

Lifegiving Seeds x 115(current value is 1g50s each)
Primal Nether x 1 (current value is 2g 50s each)
Lifegiving Essence x4 (current value is 18g each)
Primal Earth x 16 (current value is 10g each)
Eternal Fire x 20 (current value is 20g each)
Assorted low-level enchants x 10 (currently worth 20g or less)
Assorted Cata enchants x 11 (that are worth 20g or less)
Chaos Orbs x 30 (currently worth 40g each)
Frozen Orbs x 30 (currently worth 40g each)
Embersilk Bandages x 43 (currently worth 1g each)
Assorted enchanting mats x 8 (worth 2g50s each or less)
Assorted Green-level gems (currently worth 10g each or less)
Assorted low-level potions (used at level 35 or lower--worth 3g each or less)
Assorted inscription mats (worth 2g each or less)
Assorted tailoring mats (worth 1g each or less)

I'm intending to leave glyphs, herbs, and raid materials untouched until the expansion hits. Afterward, we'll look at cleaning out the raid materials and herbs as well.

Send me a letter in-game or pst me if you'd like to claim any of the items above.
#6759126 Sep 24, 2012 at 02:36 AM · Edited over 6 years ago
Barely Ewesful
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BUMP -- I logged on today to find that someone had withdrawn mass quantities of things from most tabs of the the Guild Bank (logs do show who this was, but I won't name names here). I had done a mass bank cleanout weeks ago and have been monitoring the value of items since then. I purposely left some valuable cata-items for people to level new toons and professions with in the upcoming expansion (as we already know some people plan to, like Jeff). Doing a mass cleanout without checking with me first undermines all of that work. I have always treated it as part of my GM responsibilities to maintain the gbank and only hold on to valuable items.

I trust all of you enough to let you withdraw as your judgement sees fit (which is why I allowed all of you to freely withdraw from relevant bank tabs). However, doing a mass withdrawal without asking first is not great protocol. You can see in my previous post that I held onto items for at least a week, giving people the opportunity to speak up before taking the items away.

If you plan to do a cleanout or any substantial changes to the Guild Bank:

1st-- check with me, as I regularly maintain the gbank and often have cleanouts underway (again, I see this as one of my responsibilities as GM)

2nd--give more than half a day's notice before you empty the guild bank of items that others may find useful.

I've now limited withdrawals to all members at 5 stacks per tab. My apologies, as I know this is an inconvenience for many. I'll be happy to restore it to a much higher stack limit once we've all agreed to protocols for massive bank changes.

I assume that the withdrawn items have been placed on the AH--I expect to see deposits being made to the gbank as they sell.

#6760772 Sep 24, 2012 at 10:40 AM
Ewe is a Raider
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Yes, it was me, my intention was to help get the guild and guild vault ready for the X-pac. Blues and greens in the vault for over a year, didnt seem like there was a need. Mats have been put back in the vault. Sorry for not using my chain-of-command, but the vault still seemed be in chaos even 1 day away from release. I also put high valued items into the AH, nothing has sold yet. I will refund the guild vault as I get the gold. Raw materials, patterns, and lvling flasks have been left to allow poeple to boost there way to lvl 90. With everyone skilling up there professions during the grind to lvl 90, I am sure there will be plenty of blues and greens for everyone to skill/lvl up with.
#6761453 Sep 24, 2012 at 12:56 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
Barely Ewesful
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I know your intention was to help. But that is the reason that we ask others before doing mass withdrawals (as you can see in my first post, I asked the others on my last cleanout). The blues (and a purple) that were left in the vault had been RECENTLY deposited and were organised according to class for those who were leveling new toons. When we level to 90, only level 85-90 items will be newly available, not the low-level 80-85 blues that you withdrew. Also: putting up items in the AH a day before the xpac hits is likely when they'll sell at their lowest (if they'll sell at all). This is why I had been holding onto the more valuable items so that we could sell them when they become more rare again...

I disagree that the bank was in a state of chaos--I log on several times a week specifically to organise the gbank. I've spent more time organising it over the last month than I've spent raiding. The only thing chaotic about our guild bank was the glyphs that you mass-dumped in there the other day--although I also organised these that same day as we waited for people to log on for raid. The gear was organised and sorted according to armour type and slot. The food was stacked and organised into the cooking area. The herbs were stacked and organised into the herbing area.

Next time...just ask before you do something like this.
#6763663 Sep 24, 2012 at 11:43 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
Barely Ewesful
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Hi Everyone,

I've pulled several recently deposited level 80-85 enchants out of the raid tab and am currently storing them in my bank. Please speak up if you would like to use any of the following for lowbie pvp, etc. I'll be holding onto them for a week.

Chest--Exceptional Spirit
Chest--Mighty Resilience
Cloak--Critical Strike
Bracers -- Greater Critical Strike

In a similar vein, I've been listing Living Ember and Essence of Destruction regularly on the AH, and we still have about 20 of each left over. Please let me know if you'd like to use these for your toons (I'm holding onto these at the moment also)

#6766010 Sep 25, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Ewe is a Member
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i hope you didn't throw away my sand and vestigial organs, i was saving those for later :)
#6806918 Oct 05, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Barely Ewesful
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Hi Guys!

I'm planning to keep one column of Cata-level gems in case people need it for leveling in the future, but I'm considering selling off the others (their price has gone up a bit again in the AH now that the flooding has died out).

Speak up if you'd like any of the following (I'll hold onto it for a week):

40 x of Amberjewel
40 x Ocean sapphire
10 x Dream emerald
20 x Demonseye
6 x Lightstone
11 x Lava Coral
6 x Shadow Spinel
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