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#5666477 Feb 18, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Character Name, Class, Main spec and Armory link:

Previous guilds you have been in and why you left them:

I started raiding in Wrath on Blackrock and we went 5/12 before my first daughter was born and I started a new job. I took a brief break from the game. I resumed in February with a casual, 4 hour a week, 10m raid team, Floor Tanks, in AIE on Earthen Ring (as Igug). I made a lot of positive contributions to the team, “quarterbacking” some fights (their words lol), leading them in DPS ( and creating/maintaining our raid team wiki page ( We spent a couple months progressing 6/12 on our limited schedule when I decided I wanted something more serious.

In June 2011 I transferred to Crushridge (and name changed to Fro) to join the 25m guild Sated. We went t11 10/12 (not attempting Tot4W in my month in the guild) and t12 6/7, when Sated downsized to 10m. The raid spots were given to guild veterans. Since I had only been in the guild for less than a month I was on standby. There were no hard feelings or drama and I understood that, as the new guy, I wouldn’t get a spot. We went 10/12, 5/7HM in 25m with the Magmaw, Maloriak, Chimareon and Council achievements.

On July 15 2011 I transferred to Turalyon and started with my current team, Symphonia. In Firelands we went 6/7 in 25m, getting Rag to 37%. As had happened to me previously, they downsized to a 10m.

I missed the epic nature of 25m raids and found the official J!NX guild on Runetotem in September 2011. I quickly became a full time raider in the guild and recruitment officer. We cleared 6/7h and are currently 2/8h. I'm looking to leave J!NX because in December our raid leader stepped down and the other officers decided to take a committee approach which isn't working. We've been 2/8h for over a month with no new progression in site due to weak leadership. I've tried offering several pieces of feedback that can help us progress but they won't listen (I'm happy to elaborate further if you like). My goal is to kill heroic Madness before Mists, and I don't see that happening with my current guild unfortunately.

Previous raid experience:

6/12 ICC (pre-baby) and in Cata I've gone (post-baby) 5/12h, 6/7h and now 2/8h.

Do you have a viable/geared off-spec:

Yes - I have an MM off-spec but Survival is the best Hunter raiding spec at the moment.

How would you change your dps rotation/healing spell selection for a movement heavy situation:

In a movement heavy situation (i.e. Yor'Sahj's oozes) I swap from Aspect of the Hawk to Fox which allows me to keep casting Cobra Shots and building focus. When my Explosive Shot is up, or when I'm near focus cap, I'll swap back to Hawk while still moving and fire those instant-cast shots. When the ooze is in range I swap to it, hop back to Hawk and fire off a few shots, then swap back to Fox to move back towards the boss.

Any logs of you raiding:

37.8k vs H Morchok:
40.7k vs Ultraxion:
50.2k vs Madness:

Any Screenshots of your UI and a brief description of how you use it:

I've designed my UI in a way to keep the most important information in the center of the screen below my character, including my most important shots and the boss frame and it's debuffs. I have several Power Auras for things like Bloodlust, my nuke cooldown, Serpent Sting and more.

List any previous dealings with rams and/or ewe:

Some members of my family went to Auburn...

A little bit about yourself, RL commitments, age bracket, other games/hobbies you have etc.. (optional obviously):

I’m a 32 year old web developer, husband and father of two little girls. I like photography, playing sports, watching movies and, of course, playing games. Besides WoW I also play StarCraft 2, Mass Effect 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim.

Anything else you'd like to add:

You should add me to the team because of my positive attitude, work ethic and reliability. I will always come prepared with the best gems, enchants, potions, flasks and food. I enjoy progression, tolerate failure and have the willingness to try again. I’m a mature, friendly and respectful person. I play the game to have fun, not create negativity, trash talk or create drama. You’ll never see me trolling trade or other players. The team always comes first - I’m more interested in clearing content than bragging about meters.

Some examples of my dediciton to the game include the following: I’ve tamed a majority of the rare pets & spirit beasts (, killed the Time Lost Proto Drake (, Aeonaxx (, Poseidus & Dormus; obtained the Bloody Rare, Frostbitten & Mountain of Mounts achievements and earned Salty title. Through weekly raids and heroics I’ve obtained all my Valor gear and most BiS gear.

I’ll make an excellent addition to your 10m raids and other aspects of the guild.
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#5668000 Feb 18, 2012 at 10:44 PM
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Hi Sky,

Thanks for the app!

We're having one of our hunter officers take a look. In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know up front that both of our 10-mans have core raiders pretty settled at the moment. Were you looking for a true raid spot? or would you be fine to be a fill-in for when our core members aren't available?
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#5671973 Feb 19, 2012 at 09:23 PM
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Hi Sky...Thanks for the App!! I enjoyed reading your past history, and looking at your logs. As Annikka stated earlier, we have 2 solid 10 mans going with a strong group of core raiders. However in the past couple months there has become an open spot here and there....and were looking to fill that spot. I agree with Annikka, would love to have you in on standby for the moment....and almost every week we may have someone gone for some reason or another RL stuff. If you would like...can create a level one and whisper one of our members for a chat.

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