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What is the "better" dps spec for shaman?

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#5519993 Jan 19, 2012 at 01:51 PM
Ewe is a Member
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I leveled as an enhancement Charmin'. This was at the beginning of wrath. Ever since I have been Ele/Resto. I'm looking for a change. I have picked up some pretty good gear and im going to give the Enhcmnt spec a go.

I have read over the blizzard shaman forums and looked at the sticky guides. What i would like to have is a 5 sentence guide for somebody who hasn't played this spec in years. I don't want pages of details just 5-7 major points that will get me started. Here is what i know...

Stats: Spell hit and exp cap > Agi > Mastery > crit / haste
I can figure out a good spec by reading and copying other folks.
Uses Priority system - much like most classes now.

What i don't know... well... i dont know what i dont know yet. :P Teach me.

But seriously, what are my major spells? What dots are a MUST? Things like that.


#5521439 Jan 19, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Ewe is a Raider
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Talk to Austin, his ENH shaman pulls DPS/Damage numbers out of his ass, its absolutely ridiculous.
#5523916 Jan 20, 2012 at 09:34 AM
Ewe is a Member
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Yeah Faw i figured he would be a good one to ask.

I suited up and speced last night. Here is what i found...

I make sure searing tot is down. I make sure my lightning shield is up. I start with Unleash Elements then flame shock. I then Lava Lash and storm strike. I always cast Lightning bolt at 5 Mal. But I'm still having huge gaps in my spell casting. Especially after that opening sequence when both LL and SS are on cooldown. What can i fill those gaps with? Of course I'm always looking to see if i need to refresh my tot or flame shock. But what else can i be doing?

Over all i find the spec very different from most i have played before. There is absolutely no rotation at all. I'm looking to put my alerts all in one place so my eyes don't start spinning in my head from trying to watch so many cooldowns.

I will keep you updated. Thanks
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